Overriding Package

  • Hi all.

    Is there a way that I can override an entire package? For my use case I essentially want to heavily customise the CMS package.

    Rather than modifying it in place (risking losing changes on an update) is there a way I can essentially copy it into my own package directory and tell bagisto/composer etc. not to use the original?

    Obviously I can go in and modify the autoload stuff to stop loading the original one and load mine in place, but again, on an update I would have to remember to go back and make all those modifications again.

    Is there a more clean way I can tell the system that my "CMS" package overrides the Webkul one (or use some config to disable the Webkul one)?

  • ofcourse you can override it, you just need to create a new package https://devdocs.bagisto.com/1.x/packages/create_package.html

  • If I create a new package with the same name (CMS) does that disable the original one in the Webkul directory?

  • Hi @porl
    Sorry but it did not override the default package you have to make changes in composer and other file to do so and it will be removed whenever you update Bagisto.

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