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How to Edit Shipping details page Inputs

  • I want to show country as Paksitan Only,And states like Punjab,Sindh,Balochistan,Kpk

    and cities be like all cities of pakistan

    ad phone number field to accept only pakistani code +92 number 4BA05514-9308-44F6-88FD-62B020965464.png

  • @Vaishali-Agarwal @administrators

    please help sir otherwise i’ll lose customers

  • Hi @Mianarshan
    If you want to show only Pakistan in countries so there are two ways to do that:

    1. By modifying database table of countries and country_states in which you have to delete all countries except Pakistan from countries table and add states of Pakistan in country_states table.
    2. Modify Code of two files:- ( 1. customer-new-form.blade.php ) and ( 2. country-state.blade.php )
      You have to remove foreach loop of countries and manually add only Pakistan in option and after that add states of Pakistan in country_state table with code 'PK'.

    You can find above files by following the path given below:

    1. $root_folder/packages/Webkul/Velocity/src/Resources/views/shop/checkout/onepage/customer-new-form.blade.php
    2. $root_folder/packages/Webkul/Velocity/src/Resources/views/shop/customers/account/address/country-state.blade.php

    ** Customer need to fill city manually because selecting city from drop-down is not currently available but you can also do that by making city field as a select field and add options manually.
    ** Currently Bagisto did not save country code with phone number but you can achieve that by doing some customisation in the above two files.

    Important notes:-

    1. These changes are remove whenever you update Bagisto to new version.
    2. Please take backup of project before doing all these changes.

    Thanks !

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