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Claryfing overriding from custom package as opposed to laravel default folders.

  • Hi Bagisto Experts , thanks in advance for Bagisto and your time, my question: can I override anything and everything from my custom package without ever using laravel default folders or some overriding requires it to be via the default laravel folders and not doable from a custom package ? I am new to bagisto and I wish to build on top of it and I am trying to understand the best way to keep customisations after bagisto updates. Hence, can I always override from my custom package or in some cases I must do it via the laravel default folders ( like views and layouts ? ). Thanks in advance for your time and help ! Sergio

    For example, if I wanted to override

    From various forum answers, I'd have to go to
    /var/www/html/bagisto/resources/views/vendor and re-create the view under this path.

    Is that correct ? I've tried multiple combinations, please could someone point me in the right direction or share what the end path would look like ? Thank you for your kind help.

    ps: Please, is there a code example anywhere ? I've followed 3 or 4 questions but it is still not clear, any help is greatly appreciated, txs!

  • I've managed overriding by placing it in /var/www/html/bagisto/resources/views/vendor/admin/layouts/master.blade.php

    But would it be possible to do it from my own package instead ?
    (ex: this->publish from CustomServiceProvider ? )

    thanks for any help.

  • Hi @nessuno,

    Please check here,

    Please follow one thread for better communication.

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