How to create more Product grid on Front-End Like "New Products" and "Featured Products" along with other things shown in Bagisto Demo...

  • How to create more Product grid on Front-End Like "New Products" and "Featured Products".. Like shown below... how i can create these aswell "Men's Collection" and "Women" etc

    Also How can i make my store front end to show like bagisto Demo..
    Screenshot_1.jpg Screenshot_8.jpg Screenshot_7.jpg Screenshot_4.jpg

  • Hi @tish997
    You can easily customize your store by adding custom labels by adding the code inside admin->velocity->meta data->Home page content

    Here you need to click on source code and pass the array as same added in bagisto demo.
    for example; if you want to add category on home page add the below line
    you can achieve this by adding the below code in admin->velocity-> meta data->HomePageContent

    @include('shop::home.category', ['category' => 'add_category_slug']);

  • @Vaishali-Agarwal Thank you soo much it worked can you please also elaborate how to add Reviews and other things that are shown in screen shot...

  • Actually i got it ... by going into bagisto demo admin panel i have cleared my confusions regarding other things... Thanks Vaishali you always help out..!!

  • your welcome @tish997 🙂

  • I have tried added on admin->velocity-> meta data->HomePageContent

    @include('shop::home.category', ['category' => 'hemchhaya','cloths','bodycare'])
    1. Automatic => getting changed to =>
    2. Product is not showing n frontend

    I have cleared the cache and also deleted files inside bootstrap/cache

    Please Help....

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