Adding same product as a separate item in the cart instead of increasing qty

  • I am calculating product price by size selected by the customer.. this size is open field and customer can put any size value.. product price gets calculated dynamically.. i am able to updated dynamically calculated price to cart but when I add same product with different size it increases qty of the product instead of adding a new item to the cart.. how can i achieve this since there is no feature of custom options in bigisto

  • Hi @hemantkelanka,

    I have checked this in master, I am not able to reproduce that. Please check your customization may be some small bug is there.

  • @devansh-webkul Hi Devansh thanks for your response.. I think I have not explained my issue well.. There is no bug or something.. In my module customer can select any size by putting any demotions (width and height in ft) and I am calculating the price runtime and adding product to the cart with updated price.. Since there is no feature to create custom options like magento I am using cart item's additional field to save customisation information.. now if customer selects same product with different size and adds it to cart it overwrites previous cart item and increase the qty instead of adding as a separate cart item since price and size of the product is different now.. I need help to get this added as separate cart item..

  • Hi @hemantkelanka,

    From custom attributes what are you referring to because we have custom attributes feature just to try with a configurable product.

    You time will be saved.

  • There is no defined configurations of the product.. this is a made to order product where customer can choose any color from color pallet and any size by entering size in text fields..(can have millions of combination of product) based on size given by customer we calculate the price dynamically and add the customised product to the cart.. if customer chooses different size for product and add again to the cart it should be added as a separate item in the cart since price is different

  • Hi @hemantkelanka,

    The thing you are telling is already implemented in a configurable product. Did you try a configurable product?

    Just create your attribute name as color_pallate and add your colors. Even color is also there.

    The next step is to create an attribute for size.

    Now assign both attributes to your attribute family.

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