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Free Shipping Badge is Missing in Product Page: How can we implement it?

  • Hi,
    In case of free shipping, there is a need to show a Free shipping/delivery badge in the pricing section of the product page.
    Free Shipping badge gives more value to the visitor which in turn increases the conversion rate.
    Currently, Free shipping is getting shown during checkout form filling as mentioned in the attached screenshot.

    free shipping.JPG

    For giving more value to visitors we can implement a Free shipping/delivery badge as shown in the attached screenshot

    free shipping badge.JPG

  • I have gone through a small website and found everything here like

    1. Inclusive of all Taxes
    2. Discount percentage
    3. Two to three bullet points sticking to the price section of the product page giving maximum value like:
    • Shipping price,
    • Free shipping case, and
    • Extra discount by using some coupon code.
      For further clarification please see the screenshot attached below:
      pricing section.JPG

    The point is we have a very little time when the visitor arrives on the product page. In that time we need to provide as much value so that it can take action.

  • Hi @parasbhadauria63,

    This is customization, I can provide you the file where you can change hope this will help you,


    Either you can create some feature in the backend to link the data with the method and then fetch record via chaining.

    Else you can hardcoded as well.

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