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How to force the installer to re-run (i.e. delete old settings and start again)?

  • Is there any way to force the installer to run again the way it did when you first opened the site (i.e. you can delete the old values and fill them all in again?)

    I tried the following to achieve this:

    1. Deleted the .env file
    2. Dropped the database

    Upon navigating to the the local root url (localhost:8000), I am confronted with an error:

    SQLSTATE[HY000] [1049] Unknown database 'my_db' (SQL: select * from `channels` where `hostname` in (localhost:8000, http://localhost:8000, https://localhost:8000))

    I then deleted composer.lock and reinstalled all packages. Same error again.
    The interesting thing is that there is no instance of the text 'my_db' anywhere in the project. Manually recreating a database with the same name doesn't work either (predictably), as the table it's searching for doesn't exist.

    What am I doing wrong? How do I force the installer to run again?

  • Hi @KiwiNFLFan,

    Just follow the below steps,

    1. Delete .env
    2. Drop all the tables from the database.

    Please try all these changes in the latest master or 1.2.0.

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