The best Catalogue architecture for my Shop ?

  • Hi my friends !

    Gonna share with you my real "on the road" shop and I'm looking for the best method/user experience with this great Bagisto solution !

    I gonna push a " frippery" Clothes online shop !

    All our item's are unique => I've just one item for sale !
    I've Women/ Men / Kids items (at this time all items are clothes, no more .... channel ? ... perhaps after some accessoires but don't know)
    I've got under this first channel, Clothes, item's who could be search/filter (after having a all item "show") by
    Gender (Women / and/Or Men / Kids)
    Families : Trousers, Jackets, T-shirt, Pull, Short ...
    Size (perhaps have some different for Women ... because they are so Cutes ....and have some 34/36/38/42 ... sizes vs S/M/L/XL/XXL... like us bears 😞 )
    Familly .... (Sport /pinUp/StreetWear/Military/College/Worker clothes /Teddy....)
    Feet saisons like : Lumberjack shirt / Summer summer tshirt ...
    Material : Jean / leather/ fur / Nylon
    Year's style : 60' 70' 80' ...
    by brand : Ralph Lauren /Lacoste /Adidas / Fitless / Northfess / Dickies / levis ....

    At this time I'm trying to adapt this theme :
    For this : I'm made a theme base on the "my root app".... /package/Webkul/src/Http/ressources/views and just adapt the template 🙂

    I'm looking for having
    Home page with the slider (Bootstrap one hardcoding at the begining doesn't matter I'm alone with the website) then have some Blog posts Base on Bagisto's CMS

    • New Items
    • Direct link to base categories ( Women/Men/Kis) and so filter ?
      then Checkout and I ship item ! (All Langage Fr on Front / Eur 20% TVA for the start)

    Gonna have around 500-1000 items on my store
    5-6 pictures by item
    SKU (require => don't know how work with that and the workflow for add items) ...

    Questions at this time :
    How make the tree for the Shop base project
    How I could have the best User/experience (on mobile and desktop)
    How I find the best input items workflow
    How I've to adapt my days ( I do the markets/Events on real time) => Items online are on real market too
    When an item is sold it is no longer available but I can go looking for a similar item => form backorder ? ...

    All help is welcome 😉
    I've some budget if someone ...

    I have a bar restaurant with my wife, which is closed, it's time to set up a new professional project !
    Thankx a lot for the time and your interest.


  • Hi @Hardkiffeur,

    Q. How make the tree for the Shop base project?
    A. First of all, I am seeing that you are using the new theme. Just start with creating the package for your theme. This will make a pure separation from your whole project.

    Also, you can see this,

    Q. How I could have the best User/experience (on mobile and desktop)?
    Q. How I find the best input items workflow?
    A. For user experience, you have already chosen a theme. That means that theme has some good layouts and views which can attract users.

    Q. How I've to adapt my days (I do the markets/Events in real-time) => Items online are on the real market too when an item is sold it is no longer available but I can go looking for a similar item => form backorder?
    A. Backorder feature is available in Bagisto.

  • Thanks Devansh for the time and inputs 😉

    So making my custom theme with a package composer routine, but it seems at this time I couldn't attach my new Package/Packagename/src/Ressource/shop/default theme to the front (I don't have the new theme under admin's backend : Channel/theme Option) : [Solve] with : with php artisan view:clear &php artisan config:cache

    When I talk about tree for the shop is more like : Organisation the Shop Famillies/Attributes and Products like :

    What have to be under : Admin's backend ../admin/catalog/products
    What are Attribute famillies / Attributes / Categories / and so Product

    Let say I'have a unique Shirt (with material Jean, a size XL (because it's a men product), a blue color and a Military MarineCorps, from 1975)

    My question is more : What is the best way making my shop tree :
    Have a root Channel : "Clothes"
    Have Famillies : Shirt select from Options : Trousers/Jackets/T-Shirts/Shirts/Pull/Shorts/ .....
    Have a Famillies attribute with gender select : "Men" from Options : Women/Men/Kids
    Have Group attribute for Famillies Trousers/Jackets ... With Filters : my main : search/filter : Genre?/Size/Color/Material ...

    Or I've to make my families Trousers/Jackets/T-Shirts/Shirts ... For each a parent family for : Women/Men/Kids Genders ? (like it seems to be under the bagisto demo website)

    So When I add the sample Shirt, I add into gender familly or a global Shirt familly and attach the gender attribute ?

    If I looking for having a global list : Shirts and then Have a gender filter on the front (default filter will be all genders for a Shirts list). But I could have a link to Men's items collection too with all Shirts/Jackets/Trousers ...

    Thanks for any return.

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