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How to modify page tiles in bagisto (using velocity theme)

  • i think it has do with the SEO variables... but i am lost.
    where exactly is this SEO values so that i change?
    if it is not in the SEO side, please show me

    i have seen this code

        $channel = core()->getCurrentChannel();
        $homeSEO = $channel->home_seo;
        if (isset($homeSEO)) {
            $homeSEO = json_decode($channel->home_seo);
            $metaTitle = $homeSEO->meta_title;
            $metaDescription = $homeSEO->meta_description;
            $metaKeywords = $homeSEO->meta_keywords;

    in packages > Webkul >Shop > src > Resources > views > home > index.blade.php
    i think is this value $homeSEO->meta_title; but ican not find exactly where it is

    i was able to trace

    $channel = core()->getCurrentChannel();

    in packages > Webkul > Core > src > Core.php
    but i did not see where i could modify the page title values

    I need help. Thanks.

  • Hi @ket-c,

    No need to go to code. Just go to the admin panel and then,

    Settings > Channels > Edit > Home page SEO

    Here you need to set your values.

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