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Bagisto behind reverse proxy with SSL termination

  • Hello everyone,

    i installed Bagisto behind a reverse proxy with SSL termination, I followed this post, but some content is still taking a long time to load.

    Step 1 - In boot() method of AppServiceProvider (app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php), use this
    $this->app['request']->server->set('HTTPS', true);
    instead of this
    Once you do this, admin submenu will appear. However, it might break other stuffs like assets. If that happen do Step #2.
    Step 2 - Use secure_asset instead of asset in Blade and theme files.

    The only missing is step 2, as i don't know which files should be changed in this case.
    I am using Velocity theme.

    If anyone knows how to fix it, please share with me the solution.
    Thank you.

  • @bzero ,
    please check the below points:

    • Have you enabled the SSL ?

    • point 2 indicates that you need to replace the asset function with secure_asset in blade files.

  • (1) Yes, i enabled it in following files: .env and app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php
    (2) I also tried to replace asset by secure_asset, but still not help.

    This one i deploy Bagisto on Vultr instance as backend, and getting issue.

    Then, i deploy Bagisto on server as backend on local network, with port forwarding at my router, doing only step 1), and all works, no need to replace secure_asset.

    Both config and database are same including OS, Nginx, PHP version.

  • @bzero
    Is this query resolved? or still you are looking for any guidance

  • No, i am still looking for help.
    I couldn't make it works properly.

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