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Custom payment method problem

  • Target class [Webkul\Netopia\Payment\Standard] does not exist I get this error but class exist..
    I paid the code for the front. It appears in the admin panel, but not on the user front, what do you think is the problem?
    Have you ever encountered something like this?

     'key'    => 'sales.paymentmethods.netopia',
                    'name'   => 'admin::app.admin.system.netopia',
                    'sort'   => 4,
                    'fields' => [

    system.php from directory Payment
    Payments.php from custom payment packages

        'netopia' => [
            'code'             => 'netopia',
            'title'            => 'Netopia',
            'description'      => 'Netopia',
            'class'            => 'Webkul\Netopia\Payment\Standard',
            'sandbox'          => true,
            'active'           => true,
            'sort'             => 3,

  • @DaniD said in Custom payment method problem:


    Please make sure you have defined the standard.php Class under the Webkul\Netopia\Payment\ Folder

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