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Attribute to product card

  • Hi, I would like to bring the attributes according to the product id on each product card.
    I have the x card with the product y information etc and I would like to bring some attributes on it
    This thing is made from what I saw in product-card.vue and the attributes on the product page are in the blade.
    Where could I send those attributes in vue?

    <div class="card-body">
                <div class="product-name col-12 no-padding">
                        <span class="fs16">{{ | truncate }}</span>
                        <span class="fs16">2</span>
                <div class="sticker new" v-if="">
                    {{ }}
                <div class="product-price fs16" v-html="product.priceHTML"></div>

    for example here i want to add some attributes

  • Hi @DaniD,

    For this product-card component has been used. I am assuming that you are familiar with VueJS.

    You can pass attribute props to the component as per your needs.

    This is just a sample you need to implement according to your need,


    props: [

    Passing Props:

    <product-card product-attributes="{{ $productAttributes }}" ...>

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