Creating Sub Menu under Admin panel

  • I have created a package "contact" and want to create a menu in admin panel. The menu has been created but sub menu is not showing.

    To create a sub menu I have added a array on src/Config/admin-menu.php

    return [
            'key' => 'contact',
            'name' => 'Contact',
            'route' => 'contact.admin.index',
            'sort' => 2,
            'icon-class' => 'dashboard-icon',
        ], [
            'key'   => 'contact.message',
            'name'  => 'Contact Messages',
            'route' =>'contact.admin.index',
            'sort'  => 1,
            'icon-class' => '',
        ], [
            'key'   => 'contact.address',
            'name'  => 'Manage Address',
            'route' =>'contact.admin.index',
            'sort'  => 2,
            'icon-class' => '',

    But on admin panel only Contact menu has been created no sub menu is showing.

    Please Help..

    Thanking You in advance.

  • Hi @himanshu-kmr,

    Just run php artisan config:cache.

  • @devansh-webkul said in Creating Sub Menu under Admin panel:

    php artisan config:cache

    @devansh-webkul Thankyou for your advice. I have cleared the cache but still sub menu not appearing....

  • The third route should be different. And make sure whenever you change the menu and sub-menu. Just run the command php artisan config:cache.

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