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order statuses in OrderDataGrid

  • I see that there are multiple order status in back end code (in OrderDataGrid)but i only get to see three (pending, processing, completed). Is it there for future implementation?
    And if i want to change the status for my order how can i do that?
    For example instead of 'completed' lets say i wanted 'paid'.

  • Hi,

    Override order views index file & create a separate OrderDataGrid in your package & provide this
    Datagrid to override view file.

    Now in this DataGrid you can change status accordingly.

    Note - You can use same code of 'OrderDataGrid' (core ) in your 'OrderDataGrid' & only need to change content of status field.


  • Hi,
    I have another question.
    When we invoice and ship a product the status for payment is paid right? can you suggest me a way such that, When product is invoiced and ship the status is pending_payment and then later admin can set it as paid.

  • Also where is the part where total due is changed after completed?
    Thanks in advance.

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