HTML Tags showing on Datagrids

  • Hello,

    I have created a Datagrid while adding and editing I am using TinyMCE Editor. While Listing data into the Datagrid it is showing HTML Tags.

    How can we hide that?

    Datagrid code is

                'index'      => 'address',
                'label'      => trans('contact::app.contact_address_layout.address'),
                'type'       => 'string',
                'searchable' => true,
                'sortable'   => true,
                'filterable' => true,

    Output is:


    Please Help. Thank you in Advance.....

  • Hi @himanshu-kmr

    These are encoded due to security reasons. If you want you can edit this file

    Just replace your braces i.e. {{ }} to {!! !!}.

    But we don't recommend you to do this.

  • @devansh-webkul Thank You so much....

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