How can I create some Product Accessories/Options as checkboxes (not selectable attributes)?

  • Hi,

    I need to display on the Product page some accessories with prices as checkboxes. Basically, the user selects the main product and then he/she can choose one or more checkboxes for different accessories of the main product. As he/she selects the accessories the product total is updated to include those accessories prices. Is there a way to do this in Bagisto?

    Thank you

  • Hi @danpascu,

    Have you tried configurable product type in Bagisto?

  • Hi @devansh-webkul ,

    Yes, of course I tried the configurable product. The issue with that is it creates multiple options for the main product, that includes the price of the main product.

    Right now with Bagisto's configurable product I'm creating this:

    • t-shirt > red > size S = $10
    • t-shirt > red > size M = $12
    • t-shirt > yellow > size S = $10
    • t-shirt > yellow > size M = $12

    What I need to accomplish is this:

    • t-shirt = $10 (main product)
    • optional printed logo = $5 (option)
    • optional superior material = $10 (option)

    The difference is that I want to allow users to select only the t-shirt, without any options and/or select the desired options, that will add the amount (t-shirt + option) to the total.

    I found that I can do something like this by using bundle products, but in that case I need to create additional simple products. I don't want that, because these (printed logo, material) are just options to the main product.

    This is an example of what I would need (from OpenCart), where you can see the main product price $110 and some optional options as checkboxes +$36

    Thank you,

  • @danpascu Have you found any solution for this?

    I'm facing with the same problem with a pizza ordering website.
    Here, we can have options like Cheese (Trappist, Lactose free, Vegan), Extra toppings (corn, mushroom, ... 50+kind) with additional price (multiple choice), Dough thickness (thin, normal, thick) ...

    Configurable product would generate a bunch of unnecessary products.

    Do you have any custom option solution for this in bagisto? @devansh-webkul

  • This is customization because configurable product will create a bunch of variants.

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