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How to create a bundle of configurable + simple product

  • Hi all,
    I'd like to create a product that is composed by:

    • a configurable product (with about 4 attribute)
    • multiple add-ons (that could be 'simple' product)
      Is this possible with a 'bundle product' or do I have to choose other ways?
      Thank you all in advance

  • Hi @wallace,

    A bundled product is a group of simple products, you can add configurable variants to the grouped product.

  • I've created a Grouped product (see picture), but in the search field I can find just variants, not all the configurable product. Moreover, I can't also find a simple product (Storage ssd ....).
    Do I have the possibility to have a Grouped product with: Configurable product + Simple products?

    !Grouped1.png Grouped2.png Grouped3.png

  • In other words, I want to achieve this goal, I've created a mockup:
    A product composed by:

    • a configurable product (in red)
    • a simple product (in green)
      I hope I can get it,
      thank you all in advance

  • Hi @wallace,

    You can only add simple product to group product. Just check whter you enable disable out of stock because current product you are searching is out of stock.

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