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Edit Configurable product

  • Hi,
    every time I enter in edit mode in a configurable product, the name and descriptions of the product are lost and I have to rewrite them. As well as the name of some variants are lost, and I have to rewrite them.
    Moreover, if in the edit mode I add more then 2 variants, when Saved, the configurable product save just one of them...
    What can I check?

  • @wallace
    while editing configurable product, if you add any new value or variant, meanwhile if there is something invalid data is entered in the field & click on save to continue, then warning message highlighted, & newly added data will get removed.

    So very helpful if you could share the reproduce steps or sample video to understand such kind of issue 🙂

  • I found that the issue is related to the use of italian & english 'locale' management.
    I currently use Italian locale as default, but every time I enter in the 'Product' o 'Edit product' the default is English (and not Italian). So, the error was to insert the product in English locale... and then, when Edit it, go to Italian.
    Why in 'product' and 'edit product' pages I always find English as default?

    I attached a video to show it:

  • Dear, @wallace
    Every time you're trying to filter the product based on Italian locale but the default locale is English at admin panel, that's why when you will on a new page the default (en) locale comes.

    If you want to change the admin default locale, go to .env file and set APP_LOCALE to your locale code then flush the cache using php artisan config:cache as shown here

    I hope the above solution helps you.

  • Thank you, this solved my issue!

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