Group pricing policy not showing for a configurable product.

  • Hi Team,

    1. We would like to implement group pricing policy for a configurable product. Although the calculation works fine on the cart page based on the selection and quantity chosen.

    But the group pricing policy is not visible similar to a simple product. Any suggestion how to get it displayed.

    1. Currently we have a quantity increment / decrement by 1 through +/- button. Is it possible to have a drop down / textfield to enter the quantity. This is because if the quantity required is 20/50/100 then it becomes difficult for users.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello,

    You can simply override the view files to change the quantity box to the dropdown.
    Please follow the given link to override view -

    and for customer group pricing, make sure that the appropriate customer is log in.
    If still issue is there, then kindly revert us.

    Rahul Shukla

  • Thanks for your reply. The group pricing is currently applied to all groups. I think our concern was clear that the group pricing is not visible on product page when we have a configurable product and the group pricing is applied on simple product under that configurable product.

    As in below images the group pricing is not visible in the product page but in the cart the price is updating (as assigned in group pricing) with the change in quantity.


    white-configurable-selected.png price3.png price2.png price1.png missing-group-pricing.png

  • Not sure if anyone seen the screens shared. But there seems to be a issue in displaying group pricing when a configurable product is posted.

    Can someone guide us.

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