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Increase google lighthouse score

  • How can I increase google lighthouse score? On bagisto without nothing, core version performance 1%... on my bagisto updated version with all my personal implementation ( front ) i have 23..

    For example how can optimize javascript or css?
    Serve images in next-gen formats
    3.16 s
    Properly size images
    2.72 s
    Eliminate render-blocking resources
    1.01 s
    Remove unused JavaScript
    0.48 s
    Remove unused CSS

  • Hi @Dakil,

    Already have done all these things. There are more things to do,

    For e.g. when you are opening the page the first thing that is blocking is the category. You need to fetch those by ajax.

    Next thing if you check the normal pages, they are loaded with lots of categories and products which are loading fully at a time. Partial loading should be there.

    There are more things which can be done.

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