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How to create the new api in bagisto?

    1. As per the requirement, we need to create new custom APIs for a mobile app.
    2. We need to change the success and failure messages in the existing APIs.
    3. We need to add the new fields in the registration API?

    Can you please let me know the details?
    How to customize the apis in bagisto structure?

  • Hi @Ravinder-G,

    1. JWT is already setuped. You just need to add your route in the api.php.

    2. For success and failure message, if you are familiar with Laravel packages and upgrade. Then you can do it from the code otherwise you can override the route in the laravel app.

    3. You need to override the route.

  • @devansh-webkul Thanks for your reply.
    If possible can you please provide an example of how to override the existing apis in bagisto structure?

  • Hi @Ravinder-G,

    In routes/api.php you need to pass your package API routes which you need to override rest you can move it to your controller.

    As this is fully laravel stuff, you can check the laravel docs also.

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