How grouped product are visualized in cart

  • Hi, I've created an e-commerce site mainly composed by grouped products.
    For example, I have:

    • grouped product A, composed by A1, A2, A3 simple products

    • grouped product B, composed by B1, B2, B3 simple products

    Now, if I add to cart products A and B, in the cart I see a total flat list of simple products, A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, without any logical division. I think this is not correct.

    My expectation is to have 2 distinct products in the cart (grouped product A and grouped product B), with details about simple products they are composed by. Isn't it?

    Thank you in advance

  • @wallace
    you can simply achieve this by Bundle Product, which provide you the feature to add multiple item in as a single item in cart.

    As most of the user also wants group item as it's currently working so we can't change the functionality of it.
    We can customize it for you based on your requirement,If you want to customize group product.

  • Thanx Vaishali,
    I need to use grouped products and not bundles.
    I've checked how DB schema is designed, and I've found out that currently cart table doesn't have information about grouped product id, but just references to the list of simple products id.
    Anyway, I could try to change the logic and build some more sql queries to get my necessary info in order to have a more structured cart.
    Do you know when this functionality will be released?

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