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Can not access categories on front page of new installation

  • Hi,
    I have attached a screenie. This is my first install of bagisto.
    I have updated the categories to have children.

  • Hi @golith
    do you have catgeory added on backend? If yes then please check each category should added under root category.

  • hi, ty for your reply. I have checked and removed a category and the category that did hold the product wont delete. the product was moved to the root folder but i still cant see anything.bug3-catagories.png or delete the fruit category.

  • @golith
    Root category will never delete as it's the parent category.

    1. Add Fruit category
    2. Select root category under fruit category
    3. go to product and select fruit category.
    4. Now go to homepage and check the 'FRUIT' category will be highlighted when you move to category section.

  • I re-installed as i was using the wrong db type .. i thought that might help but it has not. I have installed ->added one product -> Visible Individually is true -> new is true. I notice that I can not add an image.

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