Selection of configurable items on custom theme

  • we are using a custom theme. We are trying to add attributes of configurable products into or custom theme
    we are adding the following statement in view file the path of the respective file is given in this parenthesis (packages\Webkul\Shop\src\Resources\views\products\view.blade.php)

    and below given statement is copied from :resources\themes\velocity\views\products\view.blade.php"

    @include ('shop::products.view.configurable-options')

    please guide us through this how can we copy the functionality to add configurable attributes to the product detail page where we can dynamically get product variants.

  • Hi @sohaib,

    Take a reference of this file,

    If you are customizing the theme, then you have to customize the copy of this file also. So that your classes get compatible with your current theme.

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