Delete order from CMS

  • Hello, How can I delete order from cms?
    I tried this

    Order repository + controller CMS
     public function delete($id)
            $order = $this->orderRepository->delete($id);
            return redirect()->back();
     public function delete($orderId)
            $order = $this->findOrFail($orderId);
            DB::delete('delete from orders where id?=', $order->id);
            return $order;
    And this is the route and action
         'title'  => trans('admin::app.datagrid.delete'),
                'method' => 'DELETE',
                'route'  => 'admin.sales.orders.delete',
                'icon'   => 'icon trash-icon',
                'type'   => 'delete'
     Route::get('/orders/delete/{id}', 'Webkul\Admin\Http\Controllers\Sales\[email protected]')->defaults('_config', [
                        'view' => 'admin::sales.orders.delete',

    But I get redirect back all time without delete.. how can I do this?

  • @LilD,

    There is no order deletion code in the backend, you need to check the backend maybe some error occurred.

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