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reset password email issue

  • Hello,

    When i am using forgot password then it sends an email. via email an reset password link also comes. but when i click on this link to takes me to reset password template.

    there email fields is also there but i am unable to find how are you passing email in reset template.

    public function create(Request $request, $token = null)
    return view($this->_config['view'])->with(
    ['token' => $token, 'email' => $request->email]
    in above function how are you using $request->email ?

    can you tell me how can i send email variable from here.

    Deepak Sharma

  • Hello deepak,

    To send email variable to template, follow below steps :

    1)Go to Webkul\Customer\src\Notifications\CustomerResetPassword. Replace toMail function with below code

    public function toMail($notifiable)
            if (static::$toMailCallback) {
                return call_user_func(static::$toMailCallback, $notifiable, $this->token);
            return (new MailMessage)
                ->subject(__('shop::app.mail.forget-password.subject') )
                ->view('shop::emails.customer.forget-password', [
                    'user_name' => $notifiable->name,
                    'email' => $notifiable->email,
                    'token' => $this->token
    1. Go to views\emails\customer\forget-password.blade.php of Shop package, pass email in route as below
    <a href="{{ route('customer.reset-password.create', ['token' => $token, 'email' => $email]) }}" style="padding: 10px 20px;background: #0041FF;color: #ffffff;text-transform: uppercase;text-decoration: none; font-size: 16px">
    {{ __('shop::app.mail.forget-password.reset-password') }}

    3)Now, in your ResetPasswordController, you can get email in $request

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