Problem load time server with query bagisto mysql 8

  • Hi, I have about 8000 products on the website and the search is super hard and etc .. and from what I saw it's from the product query
    How can I optimize it?

    $qb = $query->distinct()
                    ->addSelect('product_images.path as image')
                    ->join('product_flat as variants', '', '=', DB::raw('COALESCE(' . DB::getTablePrefix() . 'variants.parent_id, ' . DB::getTablePrefix() . ''))
                    ->leftJoin('product_categories', 'product_categories.product_id', '=', 'product_flat.product_id')
                    ->leftJoin('product_attribute_values', 'product_attribute_values.product_id', '=', 'variants.product_id')
                    ->leftJoin('product_images', 'product_flat.product_id', '=', 'product_images.product_id')
                    ->where('', $channel)
                    ->where('product_flat.locale', $locale)

  • This is an issue because of the product_attribute_values. Just try to fetch from the product_flats table column.

  • Kindly recheck the attribute_values

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