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Base table or view not found

  • Please I encounter this issue for a while on a fresh installed bagisto. I tried searching online for solution but no article that can solve this. I manually removed cache folder inside bootstrap and also remove vendor. I ran composer update, composer du etc but nothing happen.

    Please I need help on how to get rid of this Screenshot_20210716_092908.png

  • Alright, I figure out the course of this error. In case you encounter this error, there is a possibility that you are using MarketPlace extension from bagisto.

    What you have to do is to go marketplace -> src -> poviders -> marketplaceserviceprovider.php Inside you will see $this->app->register(ModuleServiceProvider::class); and $this->app->register(EventServiceProvider::class);

    Then wrap it inside if statement like this...

     public function __contruct()
         $this->channel = Channel::all();
    if (isset($this->channel)) 

    To produce this error, setup a fresh nagisto and configure marketplace extension at once before runing migration.

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