How can i do RTL this?

  • I met this package recently. in descriptions was said this package can be Rtl but when i tried do it, i couldn't find about this topic in document. can some one help me?

  • Hi,
    @hChamran , To Use RTL you have to follow these steps:

    1.create your local from the admin pannel .
    Goto: Settings->Locales->add locale


    2.then you have to assign locale to channel of your shop .
    goto : Settings->Channels->edit your channel and assign newly created locale


    1. final step , select the local from the shop:


    Naresh Verma

  • Hi,
    @Naresh-webkul , thank you for your help but i want to dashboard and all of items in dashboard become rtl too!

  • Hello
    @hChamran , you have to override the single line of code in your package by following :
    Goto: config Folder->app.php file.,
    in app.php file overide this line :
    'locale' => 'en' with your locale(like - 'locale' => 'ar').

    Naresh verma

  • thanks @Naresh-webkul.
    And for changing language from 'arabic' to 'persian' what should i do?
    I thinking i should create a new folder with name 'fa' and 'app.php' file inside it.

  • I find it

    I should add this code:

    app()->getLocale() == 'fa'

    to packages/Admin/src/resources/view/layouts/master.blade.php

    <body @if (app()->getLocale() == 'ar') class="rtl" @endif>

    at last

    <body @if (app()->getLocale() == 'ar' || app()->getLocale() == 'fa') class="rtl" @endif>


  • yes and ,just create the folder (like- ar) ,and inside it create app.php file in the resource ->lang folder.
    In app.php file write your translation for that language.
    after that override 'locale' => 'en' with your locale(like - 'locale' => 'ar') from your config->app.php file.


  • I find it and created fa language.

    You can see to this page.

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