How is the checkout process with Bagisto Web API?

  • Hello,

    I am building separated front shop using the Web API,
    But I am confused with the checkout process.

    I know the process to add, update the cart, including save shipping method, save payment method and save order with API end point api/checkout/cart/.....

    1. How do I get the list of payment method (I cannot find any api to get this in the docs) ?
    2. Then if I am able to save the payment method to the order and created the order, when the payment will take action?
      The sample in the docs is using COD, so there is no payment process needed. But if I need to call (let say paypal), what is the process?

  • Hi @rudiculous,

    When you save the address then in response you will get the shipping method.

    Same when you save shipping method then you will get payment method in response.

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