Merging projects / updating?

  • So whats the best way to upgrade bagisto version, so that i can still use the packages and view i made with new bagisto features. I tried not touching Webkul package but still there are come changes in the webkul packages i made that i need. Can so suggest me on the best way so that i can upgrade my current project with new bagisto update and ideas to better adapt to future bagisto updates ?

  • Hi @karkiswapnil

    We have created packages for this project & recommend everyone to create own package if wants to add any feature in current bagisto and not to change core system because custom changes will be erase in updated version.

    Using Package, You can override model, views & benefit of package is that when new version
    release then you just need to place your package in core package & provide entry in app.php (Config) & composer.json file.


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