Client side validation not working

  • Hello,
    I have added few fields in marketplace vendor registration form.
    But the client side validation is not working on the newly added fields, unless the fields get focus manually. This is my code

    <div class="control-group" :class="[errors.has('vendorid') ? 'has-error' : '']">
        <label for="vendorid" class="required">{{ __('shop::app.customer.signup-form.vendorid') }}</label>
        <input type="text" class="control" name="vendorid" v-validate="'required|numeric|max:10'" value="{{ old('vendorid') }}" data-vv-as="&quot;{{ __('') }}&quot;" >
        <span class="control-error" v-if="errors.has('vendorid')">@{{ errors.first('vendorid') }}</span>

    How to get this working?

  • Hi @ppstech

    You will get validation errors upon losing focus and/or form submission.


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