The promotion for the customer group is deactivated

  • Hi, the promotion for the customer group is deactivated after a while.
    I added exactly that in the bagisto documentation the settings but after a while everything deactivates
    I put condition like this:
    => all condition all true
    => action type => percent
    => conclude other rules => true
    priority => 1
    I have no other promotions in the shop and still it is deactivated
    do you know what to do or have you encountered it before?

  • Hi @LilD,

    Not able to reproduce this, from after a while what are you referring to?

  • Sorry for the expression.
    After a certain period, the promotion stops, about two days.
    I don't know exactly what else to do about this problem
    The settings are the ones above

  • Did you add any expiry dates?

    Because this is very strange behavior by your application.

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