Should I modify Velocity view or javascript code directly ?

  • I want to make some adjustments to the Velocity theme's home page and header / footer, and also add a little vue components, I want to know if I should modify it directly in the Velocity package and then npm run prod , php artisan vendor:publish or create a new package ? If it is create new package should all the velocity components have to be recreated?

    P.S. About the custom theme , I found that all the content inside resources folder under the root is ignored by git, I do not know what the specific development to deployment process will be like, is it necessary to deploy to the server and then vendor:publish ? Then anything need to be placed in a package folder?

    Thanks for providing such a great framework, any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi @zh1lu0,

    It is always recommended that never done any changes in the the package folder but if you are familiar with Laravel codes and upgrade then you can feel free to do this.

    Take an example of the vendor folder, we never do any changes in the vendor folder instead we override this and publish our files.

    So I recommend you to publish all the Bagisto content in one shot and then customize your theme in the resources/ folder. Always take a backup of the resources/ folder.

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