Bagisto page load Time (TTFB)

  • Dears,
    Do you have any idea how to minimize main page load time (TTFB) , all images is less than 200k , we noted the (TTFB) is very high on Bagisto , it takes more than 2.5 sec and some times reach 3.5 sec , most of our websites on same environment reach 600ms



  • Hi @Hadara-Dev,

    Which version of Bagisto are you using?

  • Hi @devansh-webkul ,
    the Version is : v1.3.1
    I think it is not related to version , event the demo version on Bagisto website has same issue


  • In the demo, it's version 1.3.3 and we have enhanced most of the things.

    It all depends on the user data, let say if you have loads of categories which is loaded in the DOM then probably it will take more time.

    Try to use an intersection observer and load necessary data in the first run and then remaining data on the intersection.

    There are many more ways also like lazy loading for the images.

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