I need admin panel only. How to remove Front-end?

  • Hello. I need Admin panel only and don't want frontend as I'm creating it on React. Can you please help me with the routing?

    I need to redirect the home URL directly to the admin login page

    I know this is not a bug, But I quoting it under the Bug category, So you can look at it as I need it on an urgent basis.

    Any kind of advice is acknowladgeable

  • Hi @hedyd,

    You can override one of the route in the project like this,

    Route::get('/', function() {
        return redirect()->route('route-name');

    Something like this.

  • Thanks for the response.
    I also don't need Front-end. So can you suggest to me which folders I can delete?

  • Rather than deleting, you can override all the stuff in the resources/themes folder.

    In this way at least you will get the latest functionality updates properly.

  • Hm... Make sense. Thanks

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