so we saw this issue once before this image is the 1920 x 550 image size like you said and looks great everywhere except in the mobile

  • Sadly the laravel 1.3.1 and forward does not handle images in either www mode or response mode. When I reached out to the help desk they gave me instructions to fix it. their problem manually and when I did it broke the entire system then went silent and no longer helped. It is clear that the versions of software after 1.3.1 should be questions as to its image handling as well as to how it will serve your images so you can compete against other vendors.Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 5.08.44 AM.png

    I have attached the result of the images and this happens in almost every image the application is serving now.

  • This bug is already fixed in the latest version, I already told you in many of the GitHub issues.

  • @devansh-webkul I have to stay in 1.3.1 because drop shipping doesn't work in 1.3.3

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