How does this things work?

  • I was going through admin panel and realized that in tinymce we have included scripts like 5131c50d-6771-4bd6-a0a3-8607522c6459-image.png

    and inside webpack.mix.js under package/Webkul/Admin we are building our css like

    const mix = require("laravel-mix");
    if (mix == 'undefined') {
        const { mix } = require("laravel-mix");
    if (mix.inProduction()) {
        var publicPath = 'publishable/assets';
    } else {
        var publicPath = "../../../public/vendor/webkul/admin/assets";
    mix.js(__dirname + "/src/Resources/assets/js/app.js", "js/admin.js")
        .sass(__dirname + "/src/Resources/assets/sass/app.scss", "css/admin.css")
        .sass(__dirname + "/src/Resources/assets/sass/tinymce.scss", "css/tinymce.css")
        .copy(__dirname + '/src/Resources/assets/images', publicPath + '/images')
            processCssUrls: false
    if (! mix.inProduction()) {

    It is fine if the site is in dev mode, But how it will work on the production site as this css and js will build inside the Publishable folder instead of "../../../public/vendor/webkul/admin/assets"

  • You need to publish the changes for that.

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