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This wasn't what i thought it was.

  • Hi there.
    I am interested in having a e-commerce multivendors platform, I thought about Wordpress but people recommended staying away from it.
    So I searched online for great and open source project, I stumbled upon bagisto, it was mentioned that it is free etc... but when I searched for more details in their website, it turned out to set up a marketplace platform you need to buy a plugin that costs 400$ +$100 for setup and some other fees, now I don't know if I am mistaken, but is it free to setup bagista marketplace multivendor? if the answer is no, then please tell me what can we do with the free version.

  • Hi there,

    These are the features,

    • Multiple Channels, Locale, Currencies.
    • Built-in Access Control Layer.
    • Beautiful and Responsive Storefront.
    • Descriptive and Simple Admin Panel.
    • Admin Dashboard.
    • Custom Attributes.
    • Built on Modular Approach.
    • Support for Multiple Store Themes.
    • Multistore Inventory System.
    • Orders Management System.
    • Customer Cart, Wishlist, Product Reviews.
    • Simple, Configurable, Group, Bundle, Downloadable and Virtual Products.
    • Price rules (Discount) inbuilt.
    • Theme (Velocity).
    • CMS Pages.

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