Product not showing on storefront in case of INR currency

  • Hello ..
    I have set base currency as INR and added exchange rate for INR against Dollar also.
    After running php artisan config:cache

    1. On admin panel currency symbol is updated to Rupee symbol (₹). And
    2. On storefront now getting currency dropdown which has INR as default[selected].

    But the issue is no products are showing on storefront or inside categories in case of INR.
    Screenshot 2022-03-19 at 11.08.43 PM.png
    But when i am changing currency to USD its showing products perfectly [with exchange rates].
    Screenshot 2022-03-19 at 11.09.05 PM.png
    Please help to resolve the issue for INR.

  • Hi @devender0709
    Which version of bagisto are you using?

  • Facing the same issue product no showing under the USD option (frontend top left corner)


    To Reproduce

    1: Create New App

    composer create-project bagisto/bagisto
    php artisan bagisto:install


    2: Add New Currency

    Code: INR
    Name: Indian Rupees
    Symbol: ₹


    3: Changes in .env


    4: Create Exchange Rate

    Source Currency: INR 
    Target Currency: US Dollar
    Rate: 0.0130

    5: Add New Product with all the required fields

    ISSUE: Product not showing if Currency selected (frontend top left corner) to INR, with USD it works fine.

  • Hi @devender0709
    This issue is fixed in our master repository. it will reflect in our next release.

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