Bulk Category Insert to DB

  • Trying to insert categories in bulk using direct DB insert. Inserted into 'category' table and 'category_translations' table with id and parent_id relations correctly inserted. I am facing two issues.

    #1 in the Admin interface categories, they do not show up in the right hierarchy [ parent-child tree], editing a category and moving on the parent category selection do not show up all the available categories, instead they show a few categories.
    Is this something to do with '_lft' and '_rgt' columns? if so what is the logic to generate it?

    #2 url_path --> is there a way to disable automatic generation of this while performing a bulk insert Via DB because despite the given value it is updated from elsewhere [ using triggers I guess ]?

    Please give me an overview on how I can externally insert categories into bagisto db directly as in future we would like to have a category & product sync service created where we can dynamically add categories and products directly to db. But for now let's start with categories.

    Thank you

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