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Composer update issue

  • Dears,

    i installed bagisto from composer, and when i run the command composer update i got the below issue:


    The admin dashboard works fine, but the store is not working

  • Hi there,
    Please follow the below given steps for installing the Bagisto, and if still you are getting the same issue then please let me know.

    composer create-project bagisto/bagisto
    cd bagisto/
    nano .env
    Configure these credentials.
        APP_URL= your site url
        DB_DATABASE=your database name
        DB_USERNAME=your database user name
        DB_PASSWORD=your database password
    php artisan bagisto:install
    php artisan serve

  • Make sure all the dependencies for Bagisto should be fulfilled on your system

  • I installed bagisto without any issue and it worked perfectly, but after that when i ran

    composer update

    i got the issue in the above picture.

    why when i run composer update ?

  • Hi there,
    Thanks for reporting, i have raised a bug on our git repository for the same and we will fix this issue in our next release,

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