Use custom translate with shop alias

  • So we are using a custom frontend theme and we would like to change the translations that are inside the webkul translate folder since some of them are horrible;

    What is the correct way of telling the application to use our custom shop alias translate's and not the webkul transaltes.

    We have a custom package Company > Shop > Resources > lang > etc etc and in the Shop provider boot you should say $this->loadTranslationsFrom(DIR . '/../Resources/lang', 'shop');

    but when looking at the translatios that are on the website then even after php artisan vendor publish > 0

    I still see the translations from the webkul > shop > lang

    How to overwrite this? that it takes the shop from our own package and not the webkul shop one

  • Hi there,
    You need to register your Lang folder by using Service-provider, please take a reference from Here

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