override product model ERROR !!!

  • I was trying to override Product. But when I create my own view & route same as Product/Admin this error occurred.


    Where is the $productTypes coming from?

  • Hi @RK-REZA

    Place this code in your package's service provider & called in boot method of your service provider.

    public function composeView() {
            view()->composer(['typehint::view file path'], function ($view) {
                $items = array();
                foreach (config('product-types') as $item) {
                    $item['children'] = [];
                    array_push($items, $item);
                $types = core()->sortItems($items);
                $view->with('productTypes', $types);


  • Thanks....

  • Do I have to add this

            dirname(__DIR__) . '/../Config/imagecache.php' => config_path('imagecache.php'),

    in my service provider? or It will automatically call from Webkul/Product's service provider?

  • Hi @RK-REZA

    If you have added any new type then you need to do this otherwise not.


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