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Service Charge Implementation

  • Good day,

    I would like to implement a rule called Service Charge with several conditions based on the
    {Sub-total + Delivery Charges} on the checkout page.

    For transactions below N2,500:
    {Sub-total + Delivery Charges} * 0.015 = Service Charge

    For transactions from N2,500 and above:
    ({Sub-total + Delivery Charges}+ N100) * 0.015 = Service Charge

    So, for a transactions with Sub-total of N5,000 and Delivery Charges of N1000, the Service Charge will be N175 etc.

    This would then be added to the Grand Total. Kindly assist on how to implement this feature.


  • @administrators Kindly assist with this.

  • Hi there,
    For this you need to customize the code. You can change Here

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