Admin Sidebar Error

  • i have installed some extensions due to which there is error in sidebar.

  • Hi there,

    Can you please share Screenshot or Short video to find the exact issue?

  • e287803c-be57-4c2e-a441-4f9d889026b4-image.png

  • Hi @Kattel10

    which Bagisto version you are using?

  • iam using bagisto 1.4.5

  • Hi,

    Please check the nav-left.php or nav-aside.php file in the modules or extension which is overridden.

  • iam not finding such files in my project.

  • Hi,
    The file name is the nav-left.blade.php

  • @Amitk-Webkul said in Admin Sidebar Error:


    Can you please also guide me how to solve this also ?

  • Hi there,
    In the below path set the given code.

    and then publish the module.

    Path: packages/Webkul/PreOrder/src/Resources/views/admin/layouts/nav-left.blade.php

        $tree = \Webkul\Core\Tree::create();
        foreach (config('core') as $item) {
        $tree->items = core()->sortItems($tree->items);
        $config = $tree;
        $allLocales = core()
            ->pluck('name', 'code');
    <div class="navbar-left" v-bind:class="{'open': isMenuOpen}">
        <ul class="menubar">
            @foreach ($menu->items as $menuItem)
                @if (!core()->getConfigData('preorder.settings.general.enable_preorder') && $menuItem['key'] == 'preorder')
                    <?php continue; ?>
                    <li class="menu-item {{ $menu->getActive($menuItem) }}">
                        <a class="menubar-anchor" href="{{ $menuItem['url'] }}">
                            <span class="icon-menu icon {{ $menuItem['icon-class'] }}"></span>
                            <span class="menu-label">{{ trans($menuItem['name']) }}</span>
                            @if (count($menuItem['children']) || $menuItem['key'] == 'configuration')
                                    class="icon arrow-icon {{ $menu->getActive($menuItem) == 'active' ? 'rotate-arrow-icon' : '' }} 
                            {{ core()->getCurrentLocale() && core()->getCurrentLocale()->direction == 'rtl' ? 'arrow-icon-right' : 'arrow-icon-left' }}">
                        @if ($menuItem['key'] != 'configuration')
                            @if (count($menuItem['children']))
                                <ul class="sub-menubar">
                                    @foreach ($menuItem['children'] as $subMenuItem)
                                        <li class="sub-menu-item {{ $menu->getActive($subMenuItem) }}">
                                                href="{{ count($subMenuItem['children']) ? current($subMenuItem['children'])['url'] : $subMenuItem['url'] }}">
                                                <span class="menu-label">{{ trans($subMenuItem['name']) }}</span>
                            <ul class="sub-menubar">
                                @foreach ($config->items as $key => $item)
                                        class="sub-menu-item {{ $item['key'] == request()->route('slug') ? 'active' : '' }}">
                                        <a href="{{ route('admin.configuration.index', $item['key']) }}">
                                            <span class="menu-label">
                                                {{ isset($item['name']) ? trans($item['name']) : '' }}</span>
        <nav-slide-button id="nav-expand-button" icon-class="accordian-right-icon"></nav-slide-button>
            $(document).ready(function() {
                $(".menubar-anchor").click(function() {
                    if ($(this).parent().attr('class') == 'menu-item active') {

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