Core modification of product-card

  • Hello,

    I would like to modify the products card.
    But when I modify the corresponding files, the modification is not applied. So I would like to understand some things better:

    1. Which of these two files should I modify?
    • packages\Webkul\Velocity\src\Resources\views\shop\products\list\card.blade.php
    • packagesWebkul\Velocity\src\Resources\assets\js\UI\components\product-card.vue
    1. What commands do I need to run after the modification to apply it?

    I already tried to modify both of these file + publish and clear cache... But it did not work.


  • Hi there,
    You have to changes in the (product-card.vue) file and run the following commands

    in packages/Webkul/Velocity

    npm i 
    npm run watch

    ( in development) in packages/Webkul/Velocity

    npm run prod

    ( in production ) in packages/Webkul/Velocity

    after all the changes run below command in root directory and publish the module

    php artisan vendor:publish --force 

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