Onepage checkout in single flow.

  • Hello, Has anyone tried to cram all the one page checkout into a single section? If yes, please help me out on how you did it. Also please suggest ideas to achieve this.
    What i basically want is the customer can add shipping/billing info , shipping method and payment in same page and click one button to review final summary or place order.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi @karkiswapnil

    Basically you want to change complete chceckout process so you can try in this way-

    According to your requirement, you need to customise it completely.
    As you want all Address, Shipping and Payment method are at first page. If you check our process then you will find that we are rendering each view after completing one process and like this.
    So you need to render all view together.
    In our these form, we have used form-scope so when user hits continue after filling all his above details then according to form request different function will be called as we are calling step by step.
    You need to call them together, After that summary page will display.

    Please try in this way or if you have better way than you can try using that that but we can sure you that if you stuck at any stage we will definitely help you.


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