Mail Notification in order placement

  • Re: Mail Notification in order placement

    Thankyou rahul for your reply,

    you have replied

    We have fired an event called after successful order save and listening it to admin using below line -

    Event::listen('', 'Webkul\Admin\Listeners\[email protected]');
    and calling a function sendNewOrderMail and sending mail.

    Here i wanted to ask how are you calling above mentioned function because i have already included that event

    Deepak Sharma

  • Hi @dsharma

    When you place an order, first request goes to onepagecontroller's saveOrder method, from where we are calling order repository's create method in sales package , when order successfully created then we fired this event there with order data like -

    Event::fire('', $order);

    then listing this event using above mentioned way and calling a function to send message of order place.


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