How to get all categories for a product?

  • I tried to use for example

  • I tried to use for example

    * @param integer $categoryId
    * @return Collection
    public function getAll($categoryId = null)
    // add my code
    foreach ($results as $result) {
    $categoriesForProduct = $this->findOrFail($result->id)->categories()->get();

    getting an error:
    ErrorException (E_ERROR)
    No query results for model [Webkul\Product\Models\Product]

  • Hi @Volodymyr

    Try this one -

    foreach ($results as $result) {
    $categoriesForProduct = $this->findOrFail($result->id)->categories;

    and Make sure that -


    returns a product Model.


  • Hi @rahul.
    Thank you very much. You showed me a way out of the dead end of civilization!
    You are right about object verification.
    $categoriesForProduct = $productRepository->find($product->id);
    if ($categoriesForProduct) {
    foreach ($categoriesForProduct->categories()->get() as $categoryProduct ) {

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